Steven Porter: Chief Information Officer

Steven PorterSteven Porter has extensive experience in applying Enterprise-class technology solutions across multiple verticals in the SMB space. Mr. Porter began his tech career in the area of e-commerce development, working in areas of innovative web presentations and multi-dimensional relational databases as they pertain to retail distribution. A stint within the legal industry included leading his division through substantial transformation, which subsequently was followed by a turn in wholesale distribution. Since 2006 Steve has been an instrument of change within the field of healthcare, as his agency equipped its workforce with mobility tools and adopted a SaaS solution for Electronic Medical Records. Most recently he architected the complete renovation of their infrastructure, leveraging the best of Unified Communications and virtualization technologies to design a model for the next generation of social service providers. Prior to moving into Information Technology, Porter worked in broadcasting, producing live auto racing events and motorsports news programming for a national cable television audience.

Porter contends that there is not as much disparity between the two industries as one might first believe: both are constrained by funding, timelines and available resources; when effective, both require a thorough understanding of the requirements and desired outcomes; neither can be successful without a high degree of preparation; and nothing will ever go exactly according to plan. In short, both require creativity, flexibility, and communication skills in order to deliver on schedule and on budget.

Steve and his wife live in Phoenix, Arizona, where he enjoys golfing (poorly), grilling (well), and the occasional fine cigar. He’s been recognized professionally for broadcast journalism, IT project management, and technical leadership, and is frequently quoted in Healthcare and technology publications.

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