14. June 2012 · Comments Off on Change Happens! · Categories: General

After a couple of stints working for others, I’ve decided to once again test the entrepreneurial waters. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being involved in long-term transformation, but there comes a time when innovation becomes operations, and the appetite for change is sated.

This is an exciting time to be in IT. Changes from premise-based to cloud infrastructures, from fixed location to mobile computing, from enterprise-owned resources to ‘bring your own’ technologies – we’re rapidly standing the world of traditional Information Services on its head. Early acceptance of the new paradigm will provide competitive advantage within the marketplace, and the ability to quickly adapt to emerging conditions will level the playing field for smaller organizations.

I’m certainly not the first to suggest Strategy-as-a-Service as a business model, but I do believe that I’m uniquely qualified to work within the SMB community as a trusted adviser, bringing proven expertise in directing Enterprise-class technical solutions to organizations interested in driving to the next level of success.