Maybe it’s old school, but Dry Rain Solutions is based on a blue-collar work ethic and deep-rooted sense of integrity. There’s never a question of completing a project, just of how to accomplish the task at hand with the tools, budget, and time available. Whether it involves the physical labor of building a storage silo, the frantic pace of producing a live NASCAR race, or the long-term execution of a greenfield technology infrastructure, there is great satisfaction in completing a job well done. We take pride in what we do. Our standards are high, but every project is a reflection of our professional abilities. While we’ll never achieve perfection, we do recognize the difference between “good enough” and “right”, and we expect every undertaking to be worthy of a case study, publication, or white paper.


Albert Einstein once said: “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.” Given any challenge, there are multiple paths to a successful outcome – it is through a thorough understanding of the long-term objectives and the creative application of technology that will ultimately generate mutually satisfactory results. IT is universal – all we’re trying to accomplish is to securely deliver the right information to the right person at the proper time and place. Deep connections within the technology community allow us to move freely among vendors and across industries to discover both the new products and solutions in the pipeline, and how they are impacting real-world issues. To succeed, we must combine corporate strategy with existing and emerging technologies in order to craft the most appropriate solution which fits within our parameters.


Vendors, consultants and clients – we all have a vested interest in a positive outcome for each project. By fully leveraging honest, long-term relationships it is possible to create solutions in which everyone is happy – clients receive a reasonable price for professional goods and services, and providers are fairly compensated for their efforts. Truth is, we’re all doing this as a business, and everyone deserves to make an acceptable profit. Yes, there is always someone around the corner willing to cut prices, but at what cost to service and materials? We can work within almost any budget constraint, and will clearly document associated trade-offs. By respecting our vendor relationships we’ve built a strong reputation for providing value to all sides of the transaction. We’re interested in long-term associations and satisfied clients, and will utilize our professional associations to ensure an equitable deal for everyone involved.

What’s in a name?

Dry Rain has been in existence since 1993, providing video production, graphic design, and technology services. We’ll be happy to tell the story behind the name at our next meeting!

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